Terms and Conditions



As our Affiliate you are entitled to a 10% Commission from the orders placed by your Fans, Followers, Friends etc. anyone that buys with your Link. You can share this link on any social media platform, you have total freedom.

How will i know i made a sale?

Our system will notify you with an e-mail when you have made a sale, you will see all the details in the Affiliate Area. You can also check anytime you like the stats shown in the Affiliate Area, among them how many clicks your link is receiving. In this area you will know not only how much money you have made but also from how many orders.

How will i be paid?

We will transfer your commission directly to your Bank Account, your Paypal or via Western Union. You will tell us which method suits you best.

When will i be paid?

The moment the commission is sent will be decided between us and you, we recommend every $40-$50 to avoid the transfer fees from hurting the total amount.

I have questions

Click here to E-mail us.